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In order to grow in our understanding of the moral and ethical principles of our Catholic Faith. We seek to engage and live our call to holiness, to grow in our love of God, and to support one another as faithful Catholics.

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Catholic Medical Association Upholding the Principles of the Catholic Faith in the Science and Practice of Medicine

  • Medical Ethics and Diversity Act: A Letter of...

    The below letter was sent to Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, to thank him for signing the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act into law. The letter was sent by CMA, in partnership with The Alliance […]

  • Grand Rounds: National Doctors’ Day

    Happy National Doctors’ Day! As we celebrate and honor all of our nations’ doctors, I want to thank each of you for your dedication to health care, but also for your dedication to the Catholic […]

  • Equality Act: CMA Submits Letter of Opposition to...

    Below is a detailed letter sent by Catholic Medical Association to the United States Senate regarding the Equality Act and its consequences for patients and health care professionals. With the […]

  • Becerra Nomination: CMA Submits Letter of...

    Below, you will find a letter Catholic Medical Association has sent to the United States Senate, expressing our profound concern regarding the nomination of Mr. Xavier Becerra as Secretary of Health […]

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The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) is the largest association of Catholic individuals in health care. We help our members to grow in faith, maintain ethical integrity, and provide excellent health care in accordance with the teachings of the Church.